SorsiCorti 17th Edition

Short Film Festival


Awards and motivations by Technical Jury


Giuseppe Sangiorgi | Italy | 2023 | 10’08” | fiction

A film that argues the story of a family bond with the narrative strength of details, household objects never placed randomly. An intimate writing that emerges with the expressiveness of the camera, the precise and meaningful director’s eye. In the screenplay nothing is left to chance, each scene has the coherence and passion of a personal story that cinema makes universal. The jury awards, together with the writing and direction, the photography and the scenography which create a harmonious orchestration.


Trois Grains De Gros Sel
Ingrid Chikhaoui | France | 2022 | 26’27” | fiction

It wins the prize for its writing ability, for the lyricism with which it narrates a complicated relationship between two sisters, daughters of a problematic and unconventional mother. With a poetic atmosphere, a female education is staged in which writing, characters, atmosphere, story and details of images are never too much, perfectly in harmony with an intimate and literary imagery in which even silence is a way to tell about love.


Jouir (en solitaire)
Ananda Safo | France | 2021 | 11’50” | animation

This film wins because it talks about complexity with lightness and grace. A film that touches on bold and contemporary themes related to women’s bodies without ever judging the situations. It wins for the images that work with immediacy, delicate and suitable for everyone as a starting point for opening conversations on feminist themes.


Elia Zaramella | Italy | 2023 | 21’31” | documentary

The prize is awarded for the choice of point of view with which the author tells a true story, full of details that give space to imagination, fantasy and the purity of art. The absence of rhetoric and stereotypes, the editing that aims at the circularity of the story through images make Aretè a film full of rhythm and life.


Anthony Ing

Jill, Uncredited
Anthony Ing | UK | 2022 | 18’21” | documentary

It wins for the extraordinary sense of rhythm at the service of a great sense of editing. A beautiful tribute to all the visions, characters and stories of a part of history of cinema.


Fabrizio Lupo

La Fornace
Daniele Ciprì | Italy | 2022 | 18’29” | fiction

For the creation of dreamlike atmospheres within the realistic mechanism of the Sicilian iconographic tradition.


Trois Grains De Gros Sel
Ingrid Chikhaoui | France | 2022 | 26’27” | fiction

SYNOPSIS: Two sisters, aged 8 and 5 hang out alone at home, in the middle of the country side. Elsa, the youngest swallows three grains of coarse salt. Judith announces to her that she’s doomed to a death by desiccation. She only has a few hours to live, when the return of their mother with her ardent and feverish behaviour, turns the family destiny upside down.