Sorsicorti9 award-winning Short movies

Winner Best Short Film Section “Me, the world, the worlds”


A necessary film: a necessary story, a drama that must necessarily be told that is the war in Syria. The director deals with the issue with courage and gives a balanced portrait from inside the war although at a very high emotional impact.

Winner Best Short Film Section “I feel therefore I am”


SEXY SHOPPING by Antonio Benedetto and Adam Selo

A proper and necessary film: an unusual portrait about an history of Italian immigration. The film “is” the main character, and the great ability of the director is in the use of the subjective, the technique of tailing and non-professional camera (webcam and Go Pro) to outline a very intimate portrait.

A PERRO FLACO by Laura Ferrés

a perro flaco

A minimum, intimate, even tender, story. Shot with measure, realistic and essential. What stand out are the story, the acting, the storytelling, in a word, the direction.

Winner IRVO (Regional Institute Wine and Oil) Special Award

CAPITAL by Lidia Perino and Giulia Bruno.

The contemporary agriculture is crossed by a deep transformation in which producers and new farmers are the primary actors and the principal architects of a new vision of the earth’s resources. Storytelling becomes a rediscovery of the essential elements for life itself, and the documentary is the way to share and communicate the most significant passages of this rediscovery. Great, from our point of view, the short film “Capital” of Lidia Perino and Giulia Bruno

Winner Audience Award

MY FRIEND NIETZSCHE by Fauston Da Silva.