SorsiCorti meets KimuakSorsiCorti incontra Kimuak

A tribute to Kimuak, a prestigious project for the promotion, circulation and distribution of Basque short film, created to overcome the problem of lack of state funding for audiovisual production in a short time has become an important international entity. For years SorsiCorti participates in the dissemination of the “buds” of Kimuak, and during this Leggi di più<!–:en–>SorsiCorti meets Kimuak<!–:–><!–:it–>SorsiCorti incontra Kimuak<!–:–>[…]

SorsiCorti SiciliansSorsiCorti I siciliani

The best short film of the six editions of the Sicilian Festival SorsiCorti. Friday, March 1st, 2013 at 21:00 at Cinema De Seta, Palermo. DOMENICO AGOSTINELLI. IL CUSTODE DEL TEMPO by Antonio Macaluso / Italy  2009 / 26’ Since more than fifty years Domenico Agostinelli collects objects, works of the past and of man ranging Leggi di più<!–:en–>SorsiCorti Sicilians<!–:–><!–:it–>SorsiCorti I siciliani<!–:–>[…]